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GOP Senator Hires 13 Former Trump Staffers

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) has hired 13 former Trump administration officials to work out of his Washington office, including former White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere. Hagerty, a new senator who won the seat vacated by Sen. Lamar Alexander

NO DISSENT ALLOWED: Popular GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended from Twitter After Questioning Georgia Elections Results

Last week popular Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene announced she will introduce Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden over his abuse of power on January 21, the day after the inauguration. Rep. Greene made the announcement after the second sham

What Happened in DC on Jan. 6

WASHINGTON—On Jan. 6, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in the nation’s capital for a demonstration, called the “Save America March.” The plan was to hold a rally in The President’s Park just south of the White House and then

Rush’s Comparison Between Big Tech’s Free Speech Shutdown and the 2020 Election Leaves Conservatives in Shock


Rush Limbaugh just made a revelation that will have conservatives everywhere on notice. The radio host warned his viewers of the stark connection between the 2020 election and the recent crackdown from big tech on conservative free speech. TIRED OF

BREAKING: Patriots Have Stormed the Capitol Building — Masses Breaching Federal Barriers — Cops Losing Control (VIDEOS)

Masses of patriots have stormed the Capitol Building after Vice President Mike Pence announced that he will not be standing with President Donald Trump and his supporters. Reporters on the scene say that “thousands” of people have breached the barriers

WATCH: Incoming Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Releases Video Statement from White House on Jan. 6 Electoral Objection

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Incoming Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene released a video statement on Monday about a planning session she attended with President Trump in the Oval Office and West Wing. Greene will be objecting the electoral votes for Joe Biden when it

Opinion: Be Forewarned! Dems And Their Allies Will Attempt To Downplay And Push Out “America First” Patriots

Let’s not kid ourselves. There has always been election fraud, but rarely has a national election been so razor-thin that a few thousand votes in each of five swing states decided it, a few thousand votes out of 150 million.

BREAKING: Arizona GOP Electors Join Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania in Casting Votes for President Donald Trump

Arizona’s eleven Republican Presidential Electors have convened to cast their votes for President Donald to be reelected. In doing so, Arizona became the fourth swing state casting procedural ballots for Trump while the states continue to be contested. Advertisement –

Populist Uprisings and the Inversion of Inflation

Hotly contested elections are nothing new in this country, nor are elections fought around themes of populism. These battles have been fought as far back as the first iteration of American populism with James Weaver and his protégé William Jennings

Wayne County GOP Election Board Members Rescind Their “Certification Votes,” Claiming They Were “Bullied and Threatened”

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You couldn’t write something this dramatic if you tried. The GOP canvassers who originally refused to certify the votes in Wayne County, Michigan, and who, after being threatened and bullied reluctantly agreed to certify, have once again changed their mind.