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Extraordinary Inauguration Security Protects Biden & The Right

As we approach the inauguration of Joe Biden tomorrow as the 46th president of the United States, Washington D.C. is being protected by over 20,000 national guard troops.  Many on the right side of the political spectrum have correctly noted

Biden Fans the Flames, Labels Trump Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden fanned the flames on Thursday following Wednesday’s chaos at the Capitol and labeled Trump supporters “domestic terrorists.” Not all protesters who entered the US Capitol building were Trump supporters. Advertisement – story continues below According to a former

Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop

I read the files on Hunter Biden’s laptop. They paint a sleazy picture of multi-million dollar wire transfers, potential money laundering, and possible tax evasion. They raise serious questions about the judgment and propriety of Jim Biden, the president-elect’s brother,

More Information on China’s Involvement In the 2020 Election Steal

China Joe Biden

We now know China was involved in 2020 election and the fraud that ensued. We know China was involved in the 2020 election.  Today we have more evidence of their actions. We reported in early December that China was involved

“Existential Crisis” – Biden Says We Need to Address Climate Change with a ‘Unified National Response’ Just Like We did with Covid-19 (VIDEO)

Never let a crisis go to waste. 78-year-old Joe Biden on Saturday announced key climate and energy team ‘nominees’ and ‘appointees.’ Advertisement – story continues below Climate change is a hoax and the left is using it to usher in

Biden’s ‘Will of the People’ Malarkey

In his cough-ridden victory speech Monday night, President-elect Joe Biden proclaimed again that “the will of the people prevailed” in the 2020 election. Biden invoked that phrase four times in one speech, and he’ll likely recite it often in the

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden, James Biden, Former Top DOJ Leaders and a China Billionaire Held a Last Minute Meeting in 2017 with New York Governor Cuomo – Why was That?

Share on Facebook(273) Tweet Share Email Print Hunter and James Biden set up a last minute meeting with top former DOJ members, a Chinese billionaire and New York’s governor Cuomo in New York in 2017.  Why did they do this

Kayleigh McEnany Destroys Biden’s Claims of an ‘Assault’ on Our Democracy With Three Brilliant Points

Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany has absolutely nailed it yet again. She somehow always has a sharp, brilliant response to almost any liberal tomfoolery out there. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! And this time was no exception. McEnany was

Exclusive: How the Bidens Made Off With Millions in Chinese Cash

The Senate’s report on Hunter Biden’s activities released several months ago, which was spun by the New York Times as having shown “no evidence of wrongdoing,” nevertheless had several important gaps in the business activities of the troubled son of

General Flynn Tweets Out Cryptic Message About Email Found on Hunter Biden’s Deserted Laptop

Mike Flynn

General Flynn has remained quiet for the past four years on account of the Deep State efforts to have him locked up and put away based on fake crimes.  Today the good General Flynn posted a cryptic tweet. In a