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Agitator & Democrat Leader Shaun King Calls for More Violence & Mayhem, Demands Complete Dismantling of American Police

OPINION – I could sit here and tell you all the reasons that Shaun King is a large part of why the racial divide is growing deeper within the United States. I could sit here and tell you how Shaun

[VIDEO] Vicious Mob Surrounds and Bullies Young Couple at Restaurant Who Refuse to “Raise a Fist” in Solidarity With BLM

Remember when Obama told us that these protesters were righteous and peaceful? He told us that they just want justice and to make America a better place, right? More from Wayne Dupree I want you to take a second and

[VIDEO] BLM Mob Orders Homeowners to Get Their “White A**es Out” and Turn Their Homes Over to Black People

A Black Lives Matter mob rolled into a predominantly white Seattle neighborhood and told the residents that they’re living in a historically black neighborhood and that they need to get their “white asses out” and turn their homes over to

SICKOS! BLM Cheers ACL Injury Of NBA Player Who Refused To Kneel During Anthem

Domestic Terrorists BLM Antifa

Orlando Magic star Jonathan Issac became the first NBA player to refuse to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and kneel during the national anthem late last week. Issac, who has supported the MAGA movement in the past and is

Opinion: Black Lives Matter, Just Not To Democrat Politicians: Part V, (Eugenics, Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger)

BLM are Domestic Terrorists

FILE – In this Oct. 1916 file picture, founder of the birth-control movement Margaret Sanger poses before leaving Brooklyn Court of Special Sessions after her arraignment in New York. From its defiant origins in 1916, Planned Parenthood has not shied

Report: New York AG Just Ordered “Black Lives Matter” to Immediately Stop Soliciting Donations

Black Lives Matter

The “Black Lives Matter” group was just told they’re no longer allowed to solicit donations in New York City. According to officials, the “Black Lives Matter” group is a foundation out of California and is not affiliated with the “Black

Hillary Was Right About BLM

Hillary Clinton Enemy of People

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, you may have noticed that some of your white friends and family members engaged in an odd ritual: They filled their social media pages with confessional screeds acknowledging their white privilege and vaguely

Report: Leader of Group Handling “BLM Fundraising” is a Convicted Terrorist Who Carried Out Bombings in NYC and DC  

BLM Domestic Terrorists

Susan Rosenberg is the. “vice-char” of a charity called “Thousand Currents,” which is located in California. The “Thousand Currents” charity manages the fundraising operations for the national arm of “Black Lives Matter.” More from Wayne Dupree And Susan Rosenberg is

Communists, Islamists and Radicals Behind the BLM Movement Hijack America – While Others Sheepishly Comply

Domestic Terrorists

Share on Facebook Tweet Email Print We reported a month ago that recent riots in the US in many Democrat-led cities around the country are hardly spontaneous. They are coordinated. The groups behind these riots are linked to communists, Islamic

EXCLUSIVE: Donations to BLM Are Funneled Through Democrat Related ActBlue and Handled by Organization Led By Member of Weather Underground Terrorist Group

Domestic Terrorist Organizations BLM

Share on Facebook(166) Tweet Email Print We reported on May 30th the recent riots in Democrat-led cities around the country were coordinated and related to three main groups: 1)  US based Islamist Organizations, 2) Domestic terrorists, and 3) Others related