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Unmasking COVID

The Mask has become a symbol of safety and control The Mask, the symbol of the COVID -19 Pandemic. The mandatory face covering that we were told would protect us from contracting the COVID virus and the piece of cloth

Calls For Gov. Cuomo’s Arrest Grow Louder After Latest Coverup is Revealed

If you thought Cuomo was in a bad position before, this stunning new admission will have him completely against the ropes. Or behind bars… TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa recently came clean

Quebec Judge Sides With Hasidic Jews, Changes COVID Rules on Religions Gatherings

MONTREAL—A Quebec Superior Court judge has ruled in favour of a group of Hassidic Jews who had challenged the province’s COVID-19 restrictions on religious gatherings. The ruling delivered today by Justice Chantal Masse says up to 10 people are allowed

Report: Less Than 30% of Chinese Netizens Earn More Than $774 a Month

The Chinese regime has apparently further tightened its already tight grip on the Internet since New Year’s Eve. Internet users in China have alerted the Chinese-language Epoch Times about having problems accessing uncensored online information outside China with anti-censorship software.

UK Begins Manufacturing Valneva COVID-19 Vaccine in Scotland

Biotech company Valneva has begun manufacturing a Covid-19 vaccine at its plant in Livingston, West Lothian. The UK government has pre-ordered 60 million doses of the vaccine, which is still going through clinical trials. The trials, which began in December,

Australia Closes Bubble With New Zealand

Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced Australia will be closed to quarantine-free flights from New Zealand after a positive case was confirmed there. Australia has put a stop to the New Zealand travel bubble for 72 hours after a South

Biden’s Covid Cluster: Hundreds of National Guard Troops in D.C. Test Positive or Are in Quarantine After Deployment for Inaugural

Hundreds of National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. for the Biden inaugural this week have tested positive for the COVID-19 China coronavirus or are in quarantine for exposure to the virus, according to a report by Politico published Friday.

England Postpones Mandatory Pre-Flight COVID-19 Tests Until Monday

The UK government has postponed until Monday mandatory proof of negative COVID-19 tests for travellers to England, to give travellers more time to prepare. Earlier this week, the Department for Transport had said the start date would be Friday. “To

Pandemic Worsening Mental Health for Women More Than Men, Poll Suggests

OTTAWA—Aisha Addo was having a talk just the other day with a close friend about how they were faring as the pandemic stretched into 2021. She said her friend spoke candidly about feeling like she was falling into a state

House Approves Fines for Members Not Wearing Masks

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a rules amendment implementing fines against members who don’t wear masks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had implemented rules requiring members to wear a mask on the House floor, but some legislators have


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