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Mark Levin Absolutely Destroys “The Rock” as an “Egomaniac Clown” After His Endorsement of Joe Biden

A couple of days ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – a self-proclaimed “independent” (yeah, right) endorsed a man who is one sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s for president of the United States in a video that raised a lot of

MEATHEAD: Unhinged Lefty Actor Rob Reiner Accuses Trump Of Murdering Americans

When it comes to people on the left having meltdowns over politics, few can match the craziness of Hollywood. Yet even in that category, Rob Reiner stands out as unhinged. Advertisement – story continues below In a recent series of

Trump Bashing 2020 Emmys Show With Jimmy Kimmel Gets Lowest Ratings Ever

Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Awards telecast plummets to record low ratings The virtual 72nd Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC drew 6.1 million viewers, a 20% drop compared to last year’s host-less version, according to TheWrap. Advertisement – story

UFC Fighter Calls 'Muted' LeBron 'Spineless Coward'; Media Clash Over Social Justice

Anti American LeBron James

Over the weekend, professional athletes and sports writers ratcheted up debate over the social justice movement currently straining sports’ place in the American culture. On the left, LeBron James and USA Today writer Jarrett Bell defended social justice protest, and

Stress is Clearly Getting to Alyssa Milano…She Has Her Craziest Political Meltdown Yet


Hollywood actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano just had yet another meltdown against conservatives, this time in response to reports that President Donald Trump downplayed the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic. “The entire @GOP should be tried for treason,” Milano tweeted, adding the

EA Sports Adds Vastly Overrated SJW Kaepernick to Madden NFL 21 Video Game

Kaepernick - Anti-American

Aiming to cash in on social justice warrior dollars, EA Sports is bringing Colin Kaepernick back to Madden video football as a featured quarterback in the Madden NFL 21 edition of the game. He hasn’t played in the National Football

Hollywood Celebs Ge Severely Triggered Over RNC: “Is Anyone Else Throwing Up Right Now?”

The liberal elites of Hollywood claim to be all about “tolerance,” but in reality, they are only tolerant to the people who think the same way that they do. This was shown once again on Monday night when Hollywood’s lengthy

LeBron James Gets Special Political Influence Rights in Four States

NBA LeBron Anti-american

In an “historic move,” would-be “National Director of Voting” LeBron James has landed another professional sports venue as a voting site for November’s Election Day. It’s Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which will become the first Major League Baseball ballpark

[VIDEO] Flashback: Kamala Harris and Ellen Degeneres Laugh Hysterically Over a Joke About “Killing” Trump or Pence

Fake Kamala Harris

Before “kind” and “amazing” Ellen Degeneres was blackballed by COVID and for being a phony, nasty, rude, intolerant tyrant, she was yucking it up on her talk show with Kamala Harris. The two women were chatting about what it’d be

Rolling Stones Drop Unreleased 1974 Track Featuring Jimmy Page

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