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Republicans Call on Pelosi to Remove ‘Military-Style Fencing’ Around Capitol

Forty-two House Republicans have sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) urging her to remove the barricades surrounding the Capitol in Washington, erected in the days after the building was stormed on Jan. 6. Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.),

Tulsi Gabbard Warned Months Ago of Risking ‘Civil War’ If Divisive Rhetoric From Media, Politicians Not Cooled

Former Democratic presidential candidate from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, said she warned of a potential “civil war” months ago if the media, Big Tech, and politicians did not stop pushing divisive narratives on the American people. She said the country’s leaders

FOX News Moving Martha MacCallum To 3PM Slot – 7PM Slot To Be Filled With Conservative Opinion Show

Facing ratings pressure, Fox News replaces news with opinion at 7 p.m. The conservative-leaning network, which is typically the dominant leader among cable news viewers, has seen CNN and MSNBC surpass it in the Nielsen ratings in many hours throughout

The President's Call With the Georgia Sec. of State — a Case Study in the Media Duplicity That Pres. Trump has Battled from Day One

A cautionary note — grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee and take a “comfort break” before you go further because reading this might take a while. I have a ton of preparatory remarks that I want to make before

CNN Tracks Down Santa Claus, Finds a Cult Instead

Good news. CNN was able to track down Santa Claus last night. Using footage that made CGI from the 90s look good, the liberal news network didn’t just find a fat guy riding a sleigh, though. They also found a

No, Donald Trump Definitely Can't (and Won't) Refuse to Leave the White House

Good morning. I have an announcement to make: Trump isn’t going to refuse to leave the White House. I feel like I have to say this, even though I don’t want to say this. It seems like there needs to

The Zeitgeist Is Already Lyingly Crediting Biden with Trump’s Successful Everything

In case you were wondering…: “Zeitgeist: The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.” Today’s Zeitgeist is constituted mostly by Big Tech, Big Media, Big Entertainment and Big Business.  And they are all hardcore Leftist. When we say…

[VIDEO] Trump Stops Reporter Dead in His Tracks When He Tries to Trap Him Into Admitting Biden Won

Donald J Trump

While President Trump’s teams are making some incredible strides on “Operation Warp Speed,” the liberal media is frantic to find a way to undermine it and give some kind of credit to Joe Biden. During a presser on the soon-to-be

REWRITING HISTORY: New York Times Columnist Claims Democrats Never Called Trump Illegitimate

Paul Krugman

Columnist Paul Krugman of the New York Times is a real piece of work. In a recent piece for the paper, he lamented the fact that so many people on the right are questioning the legitimacy of Biden’s win and

BEYOND PARODY: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Biden’s Team Is ‘Not Going To Be Political’ (VIDEO)

The American media has become so politically biased in favor of Democrats that they’re like a bad joke, yet they are the only ones who can’t see it. This week on NBC News, Andrea Mitchell heaped praise on Biden’s choices