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13% Liz Cheney Says 91% President Trump “Does NOT have a Role as a Leader of Our Party Moving Forward” (VIDEO)

How vicious! On Wednesday night Republican lawmakers rallied around Liz Cheney and voted 145-61 to keep Cheney in a House leadership position. Advertisement – story continues below This was after she joined Nancy Pelosi and Democrats and voted to impeach

FOX News Moving Martha MacCallum To 3PM Slot – 7PM Slot To Be Filled With Conservative Opinion Show

Facing ratings pressure, Fox News replaces news with opinion at 7 p.m. The conservative-leaning network, which is typically the dominant leader among cable news viewers, has seen CNN and MSNBC surpass it in the Nielsen ratings in many hours throughout

FOX News Is STILL Hemorrhaging Viewers – CNN and MSNBC Trouncing the Former Pro-Trump Network

By Jim Hoft FOX News continues to haemorrhage viewers. The top FOX News shows are all getting trounced by the CNN and MSNBC competition. But maybe if FOX News ups their game they will capture some of the leftist crowd in

[VIDEO] Laura Ingraham Gets Lambasted After Accepting Joe Biden as “President”

Laura Ingraham

Personally, I can’t believe people still watch Fox News. They’re worse than CNN or MSNBC. The Paul Ryan News Network has made it perfectly clear what side they’re on and who they’re fighting for. Election night should have been the

FOX NEWS CRASHES! Viewers Cut in Half in 3 Weeks — CNN Beats FOX in Daytime Viewers — MSNBC Beats FOX in Every Prime-Time Slot but Tucker!

More Biographical Information Recent Posts Contact Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is

[WATCH] Laura Ingraham Leaves Conservative Jaws on the Floor After Her Segment on ‘Working With’ AOC

Laura Ingraham

Just when you thought the situation at Fox News couldn’t get anymore bizarre… Laura Ingraham left conservative viewers absolutely flabbergasted when she actually held a segment on her show about “working with” and finding common ground with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. More

WATCH: Check Out This Shocking Segment…Fox News is Now 100 Percent Indistinguishable From CNN

Fox News

From Daily Beast During an interview Saturday with Trump campaign spokesperson Erin Perrine, weekend anchor Leland Vittert had trouble hiding his incredulous contempt for the president’s outright refusal to admit he has lost the presidential race to Joe Biden. All Vittert

Fox News–A 21st Century MEDIA Titanic?

Once a Titan, now a Titanic? Advertisement – story continues below Just as the Captain of the Titanic has gone down in history bearing a heavy share of the blame for that ship’s fateful collision with a rogue iceberg on

When NBC News Asks If State Dept. Will Help “Transfer Biden” Pompeo Delivers The Most Savage Response You’ll Ever Hear

Mike Pompeo State Department

The lying fake news propaganda media is on a mission to drag Joe Biden over the finish line. It’s the exact same mission they’ve been on for months. Only now, they’ve really kicked things into high, high-gear, and Fox News

Analysis of FOX News Poll: When Adjusted for Party Affiliation and Reality – Trump is Destroying Hiden’ Biden

FOX News came out with its poll results again this Sunday.  This poll consistently is skewed towards the Democrats.  Today we explain why this is and offer estimates when eliminating this polling bias.  (Hint – Trump is way ahead!) FOX