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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) We’ve CONFIRMED the Hunter Biden Email Photos Are Legitimate and Real

Share on Facebook Tweet Share Email Print The Biden Campaign claims that the reports coming out from the New York Post about Hunter Biden are not true.  Unfortunately for them, we have AI (artificial intelligence) analysis that proves that Hunter

FBI Refuses to Provide Answers to Congressional Inquiries Related to Hunter Biden’s Criminal Activities Revealed in Bombshell Senate Report

The FBI is once again stonewalling Congressional oversight on Hunter Biden’s criminal overseas activities. A couple weeks ago Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent Director Wray a letter demanding answers on whether the FBI is investigating Hunter Biden’s crimes. Advertisement –

Biden Pushes Gun Control Less Than 24 Hours After Attempted Assassination On Deputies

That didn’t take long. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called for gun control less than 24 hours after two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were gravely injured by a gunman who opened fire as they sat in their squad car. Advertisement

HUH? Biden Touts Actions of “Obama-Biden Administration” – Then Says, “This is Just the Beginning if We Get Re-Elected” (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks on the wildfires ravaging western states and twisted himself into pretzel making the connection to climate change. Biden blamed President Trump for the wildfires caused by arsonists and failed Democrat policies that have

Biden to Reporters En Route to Ground Zero: “I’m Not Going to Make Any News Today…I’m Not Going to Be Holding Any Press Conferences” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden told reporters on Friday that he will only be talking about 9/11 and he won’t be holding any press conferences. The 77-year-old left his basement bunker on Friday and traveled to New York on the 19th anniversary of

“It’s Obvious that Joe is Reading the Answers Off the TelePrompter” – President Trump Accuses of Joe Biden of Being Given Answers to Media Questions (VIDEO)

On Monday Democrat Party presidential candidate Joe Biden joined far-left AFL-CIO for a virtual event. The 77-year-old was visibly exhausted as he read from his teleprompter. Biden was breathing very heavily and struggled to speak. Advertisement – story continues below

CBS / YouGov Poll Analysis: Is There a Ten Point Lead for Biden?

Sleepy Joe Biden

In a CBS / YouGov national poll out on September 6, 2020, results suggest that Joe Biden has a 10 point lead on Donald Trump.  Additional topline results suggest that 73% of registered voters feel that things in the country

Lunch bucket Joe Biden – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Better hang on to your sandwich Folks!  Hillary Clinton lost several rust belt states and the election because she took the working class vote for granted. Joe Biden is setting himself up to repeat her mistake. “Lunch-bucket Joe” thinks he

“I’ll Talk to You Later” – Joe Biden Brushes Off Reporters After He Deplanes in Pittsburgh, PA (VIDEO)

Joe Biden arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon for a campaign event. Biden is expected to blame President Trump for the left-wing riots and violence. Advertisement – story continues below Biden supporters have been attacking police and razing buildings

The Government (and Joe Biden Especially) Is Not Your Savior

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden pauses while speaking Wednesday, June 17, 2020, in Darby, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum) Joe Biden (or, rather, the campaign staff running his Twitter account) posted a curious statement. “I want every single