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To No One’s Surprise – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Is A Product of a George Soros Secretary of State Program from 2010

Share on Facebook(175) Tweet Share Email Print To no one’s surprise, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was backed for her current position by a George Soros connected entity.  Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, has a storied history of

Fully Exposed–The Dominion Plot to Defraud the American Voters and President Trump

I will put this simply–Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States. Not Joe Biden. Thanks to a brave judge in Michigan, we now have indisputable, concrete evidence that the votes tabulated in any county or jurisdiction

“We Had to Do This Because We Believe Fraud Happened” — UPDATE and LOCAL REACTION: MI State Police Block Republican Electors From Getting Inside Capitol [VIDEO]

As previously reported Michigan Republican Electors headed to Lansing, MI today, to cast their votes for Donald J. Trump. The Republican Electors convened this morning where they successfully cast their votes for Donald J. Trump. When they got to the

Will A Small County In Northern Michigan Be The Key To Overturning The Nation’s Election Results? America Should Find Out On Monday

The untold story of a battle to reveal the truth about Dominion voting machines is brewing in Michigan, and not surprisingly, it’s getting very little coverage by the mainstream media. In a solidly red county in northern Michigan where Trump

HUGE! Attorney Matthew DePerno CONFIRMS Dominion Voting Machines in Michigan County CHANGED VOTES From Trump to Biden — IT WAS NOT HUMAN ERROR!

Share on Facebook(782) Tweet Share Email Print On Monday we reported on the investigation by Attorney Matthew Deperno into the Antrim County Michigan Dominion Voting Machines. DePerno was able to quickly assemble a team of seven highly trained forensic IT

Unstable MI Rep Releases 3rd Video – This Time She Sends a Cryptic and Bizarre Message to Biden

C A Johnson Michigan

This woman has some serious mental issues. Michigan’s unhinged Rep. Cynthia Johnson has been making some big headlines as of late with her crazed video’s where she’s been threatening Trump supporters, warning them to “walk lightly.” TIRED OF THE ADS?

WATCH: Concerned Americans Say MI Rep Sounds Like a Demented “Psychopath” in Disastrous New Video

Cynthia A Johnson Michigan

Michigan State Rep Cynthia Johnson is in hot water. TIRED OF THE ADS? BECOME A PREMIUM USER TODAY!! Thanks to an earlier video, where she appeared to “threaten” Trump supporters by calling on “soldiers” to make us “pay,” she got

BOOM! Michigan Witness: “Van Full of Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 AM” (After Deadline) Approximately 50,000 Ballots – Van had Janice Winfrey’s name on It (VIDEO)

Share on Facebook(605) Tweet Share Email Print CCP-YouTube will not allow this evidence of fraud. They announced the new rule this morning. No more videos on election fraud will be allowed. The Michigan Senate held a hearing last week on

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Attorney Gives Behind the Scenes Update on the IT Inspection of the Antrim County Dominion Machines

Bill Bailey stands outside the Antrim County Building in Bellaire On November 16, several members of the MI State legislature sent a letter to Michigan’s Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson requesting that a full, independent audit of the accusations

JUST IN: Former Dominion Project Mgr Helped Execute $25 Million Contract With State Of MI While Working As Democrat Mayor At Same Time

Mayor Kelly Garrett is a proud former Deputy Director of the MI Democratic Party. Michigan Governor Whitmer thought so much of Garrett that she appointed her to the Commission on Community Action & Economic Opportunity. 100Percent Fed Up – Ms. Garrett