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Squad Members Omar And Tlaib Blast Joy Reid And Call On MSNBC To Apologize For Comments Deemed “Islamophobic”

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE–OPINION Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. have called on MSNBC anchor Joy Reid to apologize after she suggested Monday night that President Trump has radicalized his supporters in the same way that “Muslims act,” Fox News reports. “Leaders,

MSNBC's O'Donnnell Calls Trump 'America's Dracula' in Insane Rant

MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 06/23/2020 10:07:51 PM LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: From the one person in that room today who fears the coronavirus more than anyone else in that room: Donald Trump. That is a picture of Donald Trump in abject fear of the coronavirus. It may be the one rational fear that Donald

One America News Elevates $10 million Defamation Lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC to Ninth Circuit

Fake News Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Source: Herring Networks, Inc., dba One America News Network SAN DIEGO, CA, June 3, 2020 – Herring Networks, Inc., an independent, family owned national cable television programming company based in San Diego, California, has filed a notice

[VIDEO] Scarborough: ‘Does Mitch McConnell Only Critique Black Presidents?’

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Remember when Joe Scarborough and his wife Mika stalked then-candidate Donald Trump at parties? And begged to be invited? Yeah, those were good times. The hate he spews toward Republicans ain’t kosher. He had to be a closet Democrat from

Poor Joe Scarborough Whines: Pro-Trump Media So Mean to Me!

Morning Shmo

By Mark Finkelstein | May 12, 2020 8:37 AM EDT Let’s all join hands [virtually, of course] and say a prayer for poor Joe Scarborough: the pro-Trump media is so mean to him! Scarborough opened today’s Morning Joe by moaning about

MSNBC's Melber Refuses To Confront Schiff About Transcripts

Fake News Anti-American Propaganda MSNBC

During the early part of the Trump Administration it was not uncommon for Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to tell every TV camera and sympathetic journalist he could find that it was beyond doubt that Trump had colluded with Russia

Watch Joe Scarborough Suffer a Screaming Coronavirus Breakdown

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MSNBC Morning Joe 4/24/20 6:07 am EDT JOE SCARBOROUGH: I cannot wrap my arms around the fact that you have networks that screwed up months ago, saying this was going to be a hoax. And then they screwed up pushing

Trump Trashes CBS’s Jiang, ‘Pathetic’ Jeremy Diamond of ‘Fake News’ CNN in Sunday Briefing

Donald J Trump

During Sunday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, President Trump clashed with two usual suspects in CBS’s Weijia Jiang and CNN’s Jeremy Diamond after loaded, snarky questions on behalf of their fellow liberal media firefighters, acting with supposed bravery and

WRONG: Scarborough Claimed “Yesterday, 1,000 Americans Died of Virus” in Trump’s NYC

Trump Derangement Syndrome

You could call it a slip of the tongue. But it was deeply revealing of the fervor with which Joe Scarborough, and the MSM at large, are determined to condemn President Trump regarding the coronavirus. Scarborough opened today’s Morning Joe

Andrea Mitchell Fears ‘Skyrocketing’ Approval for Trump Amid Pandemic

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12:27 PM ET ANDREA MITCHELL: I wanted to bring in Jim Messina. There is politics involved. We’ve heard very little from, for instance, the more likely, most likely nominee of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. He’s having difficulty getting –