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MSNBC Gives Michael Moore a Forum to Connect Climate to Corona 'Warning'

Morning Shmo

Velshi 4/26/2020 ALI VELSHI: All right, this past week was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and it could not have come at a more critical time. The World Meteorological Organization says carbon dioxide levels are up an astounding 26

VIDEO: Shameless Journalists Blame Trump for Coronavirus Death Toll

Fake News CNN

Don’t think for a minute that the biased liberal media have forgotten that this is an election year, and they’ll use whatever weapons they have to defeat President Trump in November. Even as the coronavirus pandemic occupies our daily attention,

Putin says coronavirus crisis under full control despite record rise in cases

Russian Propaganda

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with members of the Security Council via a video link at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia April 16, 2020. Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin via REUTERS April 19, 2020 By Andrew Osborn and Polina

Univision: We’ll Give You What We Believe to Be News

Fake News Univision

Univision co-anchors Jorge Ramos and Maria Antonieta Collins tried to convince the network’s viewers of their objectivity and failed big time. This clip from Univision Presents: Diary of the Coronavirus, a daily special update on the COVID-19 pandemic, included a self-congratulatory

CNN’s Stelter Sucks Up to AT&T CEO in Simpering Softball Interview

I’m curious about what has changed for you and AT&T in the past couple of weeks. How have you had to change AT&T’s priorities? (….) What about the wireless and the broadband customers that have AT&T all across the united


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