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After Hiding in His Basement All Day Yesterday, Joe Biden Ignores Reporters After He Deplanes in Washington DC (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Friday emerged from his basement after taking the entire day off yesterday. Joe Biden and his wife Jill traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend a memorial service for Justice Ginsburg. Advertisement – story continues below Biden

Biden Sits In His Basement As Trump Criss-Crosses The Country, Works 6 A.M. To Midnight

Joe Biden’s campaign strategy is simple: Sit in his Wilmington, Delaware, basement and try not to say anything stupid. Of course, it’s not working but he’s trying it anyway. Advertisement – story continues below “Since his Aug. 11 selection of

Hack Reporter Defends Biden Following Bombshell Senate Report on Burisma Corruption: ‘Meeting Between Hunter’s Biz Partner and VP Biden Was About a Child’s Art Project’

The Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees released a devastating report on Hunter Biden, Burisma and corruption Wednesday morning. The crooked Biden family enriched themselves and Barack Obama knew. Advertisement – story continues below According to the Senate report, on

Trump Supporter Trolls Biden to His Face: ‘Go Home! You Don’t Have a Chance, Joe! Too Long in the Basement!’ (VIDEO)

A Trump supporter trolled Joe Biden on Friday during his visit to Duluth, Minnesota and told him that he didn’t have a chance to win against President Trump. A viral video of Biden getting trolled by Trump supporters during his

[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Heckle Biden “You Don’t Have a Chance Joe” He Responds, “I Know, I Know, Probably Not”

Joe Biden is an empty shell. And I don’t say that to be mean, it’s actually really, really sad to see this man bumbling around, regardless of all the awful stuff he’s done in his life. But, here we are,

REPORT: Democrats Are Shaking in Their Boots After Biden Gets a Lukewarm Response in Minnesota

It looks like the dire circumstances against the Biden campaign are finally starting to sink in for Democrats. During his recent visit to Minnesota, Biden received a response that was about as exciting as getting  an annual physical. More from

Busted! Maskless Hypocrite Joe Biden Ignores Social Distancing and Whispers to Anderson Cooper During Commercial Break (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden participated in a CNN town hall Thursday evening with host Anderson Cooper. It was a total circus. Advertisement – story continues below Most of the questioners were Democrat plants lobbing softballs at Biden. Biden began the town

[VIDEO] Pay Back? Giant Bug “Sniffs” Around and “Nuzzles” Biden’s Neck During Live-Stream Speech

Sleepy Joe Biden

Joe “The Sniffer” Biden just got a taste of his own medicine in some random wheat field near his house. Biden’s handlers dressed him up and plopped him a field in front of a rickety old “Tom Sawyer” fence…really great

Biden Votes in Person in Delaware Primary Monday, Proving in Person Voting Safe for the Elderly

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, 77, provided support for those urging in person voting in this year’s elections by showing up with wife Jill Biden Monday morning at the New Castle County elections office in Wilmington, Delaware to cast an

Biden to Reporters En Route to Ground Zero: “I’m Not Going to Make Any News Today…I’m Not Going to Be Holding Any Press Conferences” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden told reporters on Friday that he will only be talking about 9/11 and he won’t be holding any press conferences. The 77-year-old left his basement bunker on Friday and traveled to New York on the 19th anniversary of


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