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Democrats Explore Using 14th Amendment ‘Insurrection’ Clause to Bar Trump From Future Office

Democrats are contemplating whether they can use the 14th Amendment to bar former President Donald Trump from ever taking office in the future, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said on Jan. 22. Section three of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution,

BREAKING: Congress Overrides President Trump’s Veto of $740 Billion Defense Bill

The House of Representatives Monday evening overwhelmingly voted to override President Trump’s veto of the defense bill. The vote was 322-87. The Senate must also vote to override Trump’s veto. The Senate can vote as early as tomorrow but will

Schmuck: Guy Who Plays Trump on TV Gets Mad at NBC for Hosting Trump Town Hall

I’m ALWAYS ANGRY (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) The more things change in the world at least we know that the one thing that will never change is Alec Bladwin being a top of the line D-bag and flapping his gums to

Election Official Forced to Resign After Being Caught on Camera Defacing Trump Yard Signs

Ha! Well if this isn’t a fantastic case of karma, then I don’t know what is! According to reports, an election official in South Carolina has been forced to resign after he was caught on camera defacing his neighbors Trump

WATCH: Wendy Williams Tries Slamming Trump over COVID But Can’t Pronounce “Coronavirus” … It’s the Funniest Thing Ever

Anti-Trump talk show host Wendy Williams really tried to stoke the COVID fears during her show recently. She also used her time to try and slam President Trump, who, unlike fear-mongering weakling Joe Biden, is offering a message of hope

With President Trump at Walter Reed, Biden Tells Florida Crowd to Fantasize About Trump Being Delivered a Death Blow (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to South Florida on Monday to pander to the Latino community. Biden gave a speech at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex and told the crowd to fantasize about President Trump being delivered a final death blow on

Dan Bongino Has Hilarious Message For “A**hole Who Stole My 2 Trump Signs”

Stolen or destroyed Trump signs are a commonplace occurrence in many cities and rural towns across America. This Michigan mom with Democrat “blue wave” emoji’s around her name, bragged about her son stealing Trump signs and throwing in them in

WAYNE ROOT: Trump Just Became “Captain America”…and Democrats are Losing Their Minds

By Wayne Allyn Root When President Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive for Covid, Democrats were gloating and hoping for the worst. They thought a sick (or dying) Trump would be unable to campaign down the homestretch and hand

WATCH: Trump Responds To NY Times Tax ‘Bombshell’ Story (VIDEO)

A reporter asked President Trump, “There’s a New York Times story that came out about an hour ago that says that when you came to the White House, you were paying about seven hundred fifty dollars a year in federal

MEATHEAD: Unhinged Lefty Actor Rob Reiner Accuses Trump Of Murdering Americans

When it comes to people on the left having meltdowns over politics, few can match the craziness of Hollywood. Yet even in that category, Rob Reiner stands out as unhinged. Advertisement – story continues below In a recent series of