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Budget Watchdogs Project Democrat Infrastructure Bill Will Cost TWO TRILLION MORE Than They’re Saying

Budget watchdogs project Dem infrastructure plans to cost up to $5.5T — $2T more than advertised The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has estimated that President Biden’s infrastructure proposals will cost up to $2 trillion more than Democrats are

State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita Has TGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage (VIDEO)

On Saturday, President Trump spoke at the Rally to Protect Elections in Phoenix, Arizona. LIVE STREAM VIDEO: President Trump Speaks at TPUSA’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” in Phoenix, AZ – 6 PM ET …More: 200,000 Watching Live on RSBN

America Is Only One Step Away From A South African-Style Social Implosion

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us, On the global news front I have been watching one event with special attention, mainly because it seems like almost no one else is – I am speaking of course about the social and

Visualizing Asia's Slide Into A Dangerous New Ballistic Missile Race

The last couple years of military build-up and standoff between China and the United States in the South China Sea has resulted in fears of a new dangerous arms race, as smaller nations in the region rapidly bolster their defenses

Conservatives Need Their Own ’Hollywood,’ Social Media, Entertainment That Are ‘Uncancelable:’ Robby Starbuck at CPAC Texas

Conservatives Need Their Own ’Hollywood,’ Social Media, Entertainment That Are 'Uncancelable:’ Robby Starbuck–CPAC Texas | Wide Angle (The Epoch Times)

JFK – Accept Our Diverse World As It Is

Authored by Pat Buchanan, Seven months after the Cuban missile crisis, President John F. Kennedy, at American University, laid out his view on how the East-West struggle should be conducted to avoid a catastrophic war that could destroy us both. Kennedy’s

NSW Records 2 More COVID-19 Deaths, 141 New Cases

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian speaks during a COVID-19 update and press conference in Sydney, Australia, on July 25, 2021. (Lisa Maree Williams Pool/Getty Images)

China Unveils World's Fastest Maglev Bullet Train

China unveiled a travel innovation this week of a maglev bullet train capable of reaching speeds of 600 km/h per hour (373 mph), according to Reuters.  The new maglev train rolled off the production line Tuesday in the eastern coastal city

Exposing the Red Elites Behind ‘Chinese Uber’ Didi (Part 3)

William J Amelio (L), president and CEO of Lenovo Group, Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group (C), and Mary Ma, senior VP and chief financial…

[VIDEO] Eric Bolling Has a Dire Warning For His Anti-Trump Former Fox Colleague Neil Cavuto 

If there’s one person from Fox News who’s stayed true to their conservative viewers it’s without a doubt Eric Bolling. Even as the network starting shifting to the left, Bolling stayed true and kept his pro-Trump beliefs thriving. TIRED OF